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Free from Restrictions

Purpose of Provisionjobs.com Site: 

Provision Jobs exists for job seekers wishing to visit an employment site that lists available jobs and careers with employers that are NOT forcing medical procedures and mandates as a prerequisite for employment.

Note To The Job Seeker Visiting This Site:

Anonymity, confidentiality, and privacy are the hallmarks of this site. That means that users of this site will never be asked to register in order to search and/or apply for jobs. The user of this site, at their will and at their own risk, may access and assess job opening listings and apply for jobs without needing an account on Provision Jobs.

Why Would a Job Seeker Visit and Utilize Provisionjobs.com?

If you are in a situation where you are not willing, able, or sure you want to be forced to receive a medical procedure as a condition of employment, this site may help you match your skills and experience with an employer who is not mandating such practices.


Free from Restrictions

We believe in your personal freedom and ability to choose in a free market.

Using our site, you will browse jobs with hiring companies that respect your right to choose what's best for your health and wellnes without being mandated to do something you do not want to do.

Freedom of choice should not disqualify you from a position you are qualified to be in.

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